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Car Accident?

All the treatments you need for car accident injuries, let auto insurance cover your medical bills and other expenses.

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If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, your treatments will be covered.

Our multidisciplinary facility, physio and rehabilitation clinic licensed with FSRA of Ontario and we can bill directly the auto insurance companies. All Health Professionals experienced and licensed. The health practitioner or the insurance adjuster will provide you with the necessary forms that we can submit to your auto insurance company on your behalf. An approved treatment plan will cover physiotherapy, chiropractic or massage therapy, acupuncture and osteopathic treatments expenses incurred after the annual maximum coverage of your extended health benefits has been reached.

If you have been involved in a car accident, you may have permeant injuries and not even know it, don’t wait contact our experts now.

If you have been in a car accident one of the most common injuries is to the upper spine, and neck.

You can also have other symptoms including joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, shoulder pain and knee pain. These symptoms occur when the vertebral joints and associated muscles and nerves are subjected to uncommon forces and movements associated with a car accident.

Some people do not develop any pain right after the accident, they start to fill stiffness and other symptoms 7-10 days after an accident. This is normal and not unusual. Do not delay in seeking help and treatment.

Effects of substantive car accidents may last over 6-18 months. For most people, the pain and other symptoms associated with the injury usually decreases with the treatments. The length of the recoveries depends on the circumstances of the motor vehicle accident.

Our Goal is Your Maximum Possible Recovery.

Always see a doctor following a car accident do not wait thinking pain can go away on it own. Get professionals opinion!

If you have been involved in the car accident, it is important to see a Doctor Chiropractor or Physiotherapist as soon as possible. Potentially serious injuries may seem insignificant at first, but without proper consideration and care they could result in life-long disabilities. With consultation with the health professionals, you may be able to regain your health that you had prior to the accident.

For the best in rehabilitation after a motor vehicle accident, call to the experienced professionals at Essential Physio Rehabilitation. We are helping our patients recover in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

We know that when you have a car accident you have pain and frustration, that’s why we are focusing on combining the physical and psychological treatments, motivating you to work towards your recovery and come to new levels of success.

What Our Patients Who Have Treated In Our Clinic Did Say?

Adel G
Adel G
I wanted to thank all staff there, very helpful and great hospitality.
Timothy M
Timothy M
I have visited Essential Physio with my shoulder pain. I really want to thank you Dr. Ashley, she is the best, very attentive, professional and helpful. All the staff are nice, friendly and experienced. Strongly recommended!
cornelius karamat
cornelius karamat
Great place, staff is helpful and friendly. I would recommend this place. Thanks
Rodriguez Gonzalez
Rodriguez Gonzalez
Thanks to Essential Physio I had a very fast healing, now I'm able to get back on track and finally go to the gym without any complications. Their staff is amazing and very sweet. They took the time to politely answer all my questions, the RPT are true professionals, thanks to them. The recovery was quick and painless, I also did deep tissue massages witch were heavenly, I really appreciate it.
I want to thank everyone at Essential Physio for paying such close attention to my problem. I have been doing shockwave therapy there, after sever treatments the pain had finally gone away. They are the best. Also EP physiotherapist had sat down with me and diagnosed my back condition, she recommended me exercises and gave me a personal advice and guided me all the way through. Now I'm feeling like a brand new person. I will be going to this PT all the time now and highly recommended to everyone
Veeren Reddy
Veeren Reddy
Have been coming here for chiropractic and osteopathic treatments for my lower back and neck pains. I have been feeling so much better! Highly recommend this place
Nadiia Mykhailiuk
Nadiia Mykhailiuk
Phenomenal clinic and very professional. The amount of care and professionalism of the employees would make you be indebted to their level of service. Nice people and always welcome clients with their big smile. They keep your appointment on time. Friendly, experienced, caring and knowledgeable staff! Very clean facility. Strongly recommended!

Many injuries are treated with painkillers after a car accident, these treatment methods only temporarily relieve.

Not only our clinic will deliver you with the best after accident treatment but we will also provide you with any additional help that you need.

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Motor vehicle accidents are potentially a subject to serious injury’s do not wait contact experts now.

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